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Tidus - Age 16

The main character. He's 17 years old. He's said to be a little like Zidane(FF9) in that he's cheerful. He uses a sword and a star player at Blitzball(a underwater fighting ball game). He's blond and wears short overalls and a yellow shirt. His homeland was mysteriously destroyed(with him the only survivor), so he's become Yuna's protector in her journey. He can use time-space magic as well as a technique that can raise physical stats. His Overdrive move is a technique very similar to Squall's(FF8) gunblade attack.

Yuna - Age 17

Tidus's love interest. She's also 17 and uses a staff. She's the daughter of a master summoner and is unhappy living in the shadow of her famous summoner father. She also can summon. She has been having strange dreams as of late, so beliving Sin to be the cause(and hopefully get out of the shadow of her late father), she's journeying around to all of the Ebon temples, gaining the summon of each temple's resident Aeon as she goes so she can defeat Sin, for she can't without collecting them all. She also uses white magic.

Auron - Age 35

A two-handed sword-welding character. He is another of Yuna's protectors. His OverDrive move is called "Secret" and is similar to Sabin's(FF6) Blitz move: you have to input the correct series of button commands during a certain time frame to boost his attack. One of his unique ablities is the "Cover" skill. He will be one of your allies. He was also the bodyguard of Yuna's late father. He doesn't talk much, and he is very calm and strict. He's 35.

Lulu - Age 23

A animated Moogle-doll welding black mage. Her Overdrive move is Temptation(you have to rotate the analog stick quickly to make her cast several spells in succession). Her unique move is a technique that boosts the party's magic strength and defense, as well as black magic. She's one of Yuna's bodyguards. She's 22.

Rikku - Age 16

A scantily-clad FEMALE thief who will join you in the middle of the game. She's a member of the technogically advanced Al Bhed tribe(which does not follow the Ebon religion, which teaches people to avoid technology). She uses a steal move as well as the Throw command(instead of the traditional weapons, throwing stars, and boomerangs, she throws bombs and grenades tho!). Her OverDrive move is Alchemy or the Mix command(not seen since FF5). She uses daggers and knives as weapons.

Seymour - Age 28

A 28 year old half-human, half "aian" that is destined to be the leader of his race.

Kimari Lonzo - Age 25

Yuna's beastman guardian. He will be one of your allies after you beat him in a fight.He uses blue magic(as a OverDrive move) and a Jump attack. One of his unique skills is the classic Dragon Sword techique(which also teaches him his Blue Magic spells, besides draining HP and MP to him). He's been guarding and caring for Yuna for 10 years, since Yuna's father died. He is the youngest member of his family(but since he resembles Red XIII(FF7) somewhat, that may not mean much)

Wakka - Age 24

A red-head who uses a Blitzball as a weapon. Not much is known about him, except that he will be one of your allies and that he specializes in inflicting status ailments.