Got Face Sets?

Final Fantasy Face Sets
FF6 Face Set 1 Some character faces from FF6. (FF6) 21KB
FF6 Face Set 2 More character faces from FF6. (FF6) 4KB
FF4 Face Set The Figaro Castle Inner set. (FF4). 9KB
FF7 Face Set All the playable characters from FF7, face set. (FF7) 14KB
FF8 Face Set 1 Playable character's faces from FF8, and a few GFs. (FF8) 23KB
FF8 Face Set 2 These are more of the GFs. (FF8) 22KB
FF9 Face Set 1 All of the playable character's faces. (FF9) 13KB
FF9 Face Set 2 Some of the non-playable character faces. (FF9) 7KB
Tantalus Face Set The Tantalus gang's face set. (FF9) 10KB
Beatrix Face A stand-alone face set for Beatrix. (FF9) 3KB
Chrono Trigger Face Sets
CT Face Set All of the playable character's faces in CT. 8KB
If some of these are yours, and you feel you should be credited for making them, feel free to email me at