DC9C-E4D8- Start With 9,999,999 GP 
AA93-54D8- All Characters Start At Lv. 99 
FC5C-78E5- Start With Illumina 
BC58-7685- Start With Genji Armor 
258-7675- Start With Gold Shield 
A90-77AD- Walk Through Walls 
 DD5C-740D- General Leo Code: First, have the Game Genie off when entering in 
this code. You need all characters including Umaro and Gogo to make this work. 
Get in the airship and talk to different people. When it asks if you want to change 
characters, flip the switch on and pick "Yes". Leo and Kefka are available to 
choose from in the last two slots. Kefka has no commands and he will freeze the 
game if it is his turn to fight. Leo on the other hand is glich free. He can use Fight, 
Shock, and Item. After picking your party, turn off the Game Genie switch. Leo 
doesn't have an ending. 
AA94-E7D8+AA94-EF08+AA94-E4D8- Get items from enemies that they 
normally don't give you. (You may have to flick the switch on and off twice in 
battle to make it work). 
CE37-776D- Learn spells at 10x rate. 
1793-54D8- Over 5 million exp. per fight. 
A29D-54D8- Characters do strange things in battle like calling espers, and 
desperation attacks. This effect is random and the party members will do the same 
attack until the battle is over. 
3037-54A6- Get all the spells. 
E317-77D6- Learn spells at 50x rate. 
D007-8DD7- Mega Sprint Shoes. 
D493-54D8- Gain around 16,000 exp. after a fight. 
AADC-EF08- All characters have Sprint Shoes and Moogle Charms without having 
to equip those relics. 
EEDB-EDA8- Start with 9999 HP and 999 MP. 
FA6B-E7D8- Hit twice. 
FO6B-E7D8- No random encounters. 
F124-EDD8- Get 99 of every item. 
AA24-EF08- Get weapons from enemies. 
AA9E-E4D8- All equipped items become Paladin Shields after a battle. 
EDBC-5F0E- Share possesions (relics, armor, etc.) 
ED30-E944- Tonics give you 240 HP. 
ED3B-E5C4- Tincture gives 240 MP. 
D762-EF68- Vigor/Speed/Stamina/Mag Pwr raised to 255
EE39-7DD6- Learn the spells of equipped espers after 1 battle.
AA94-E7D8 + Get Paladin's Shield, 
AA94-EFO8 + Offering, Gem Boxes, Economizers and 
AA94-E4D8 + other stuff after battles! 
D794-E708 + Add AA94-E408 if it seems that you have all the items